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Intellectual Property Law & Commercial Law


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Intellectual Property Law & Commercial Law

De Kock Attorneys Inc is a South African law firm which specialises in Intellectual Property Law, Information Technology Law, Entertainment Law and related Commercial Law aspects.  Our practice areas are divided into the following departments:

1. Trade Marks and Copyright

2. Commercial (Franchising, Companies, Agreements and Litigation)

3. Patents and Designs

We serve clients all over the world and are in a privileged position to assist with Intellectual Property protection in all territories.

We are committed to providing quality service and expert advice to our clients. As law firms are often rated on the quality of their advice, the time they take to respond and their charges, we aim to be competitive on all these levels.
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What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property are intangible objects which arise as a result of mental labour, human activity and creativity. It therefore relates to creations or expressions of the human mind. In trade, it can also be referred to as the incorporeal assets of business. The most prominent forms of Intellectual Property include patents, designs, trade marks and copyright.

Some intellectual property aspects of a business may become very valuable. In this regard, in some sectors, in particularly the Information Technology sector, the value of the intellectual property of the business exceeds the value of other assets of the business, for example, its physical properties. Many businesses, unfortunately, are not aware of their intellectual property or do not properly manage, protect or exploit their intellectual property rights.

It is important to protect intellectual property, as it may constitute corporate assets which can be commercially exploited. Furthermore, the failure to properly protect intellectual property when it arises, may decrease the monetary value of a business or product; and may weaken the owner’s position in the event of a dispute with a third party; and/or may demand costly formal legal actions later to obtain protection.
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